Newhaven Class Descriptions


HIIT training vs Boxing. With this class we really mix it up here, with fast paced combos,
bag work and an assortment of bodyweight exercises combined for a great 45 minute
session and a fat burn long after the class is finished.

Ladies HIIT Box

Calling all ladies! Come get involved in our women's only version of our HIIT Box class.

HIIT Class

Our original class, you don’t fix what isn’t broken! Take your fitness to new levels with just 45 minutes of your day. This mix of bodyweight and cardio based exercise is specially designed to improve all aspects of your fitness, strength, and agility.

HIIT Strength

Calling all Strong Guys and Gals! If you're looking for a heavy workout with a difference then put your strength to the test! Flip tyres, smash sledgehammers, and lift, carry, push and pull heavy kit in this exhilaratingly unpredictable class.

HIIT Circuits

Work round a mix of stations that combine strength, functional, bodyweight and cardiovascular exercises in a fiercely challenging but highly rewarding session.


This is our Amateur Boxing style class. Get a feel for what is required to enter the ring with Skipping, Shadow boxing, Bag & Pad work, and plenty of drills that will give you all the experience. Work for rounds, and prepare to feel the burn!!


Our version of this very popular class is a high energy 45 minute full body workout focusing on endurance, strength, speed, high intensity intervals and recovery. led by one of our motivating instructors it really is of powerful and energizing session.


Pilates is a method of Stretching with Strength and Control. Control your body - and learn to use the little muscle groups that allow you to be mobile, flexible and stable. in swimming, lifting, running, golf... whatever your sport, Pilates with strength and control
will improve it. Stretch your muscles, tendons and ligaments to enhance mobility


Focusing on the connection between breath and movement. Taking inspiration from many different techniques; the class will have something for everyone. If you are looking for an opportunity to build connection with intrinsic muscles that work with your core or
looking to find some length in tight areas or keen to keep your spine supple and young then come along to class.

Run Club

A weekly class set with various training aims; Speed and endurance, strength and agility, goal setting for anyone that wants to improve their running capability for a 5k to marathons. I also want to bring in people that hate the idea of running and help their
confidence, weight loss and toning, mental health, physical endurance, power and speed.


Our BJJ class is designed to provide members with a solid foundation of Jiu-Jitsu technique, drills and setups that works equally well for both self-defense and sport, while at the same time serving as a great way to get in shape while having fun.


This is a combination of the world's most exciting stand up fighting strategies - from Boxing and Kickboxing - to Karate and Kempo. This class will keep your mind fully engaged whilst your experience a full body workout.


Calisthenics or 'Gymnastics On Bars' is the latest fitness phenomenon. Don't miss your chance to learn the basics, develop core strength and defy gravity with many different skills and techniques whilst keeping your heart rate in the Fat Burning Zone.